What we stand for

We are Team Novus, the international skating team that stands for the new and innovative approach to strong communication and collaboration between countries, athletes and staff in the speed skating world.

By coming together and combining our strengths, we are able to create an optimal environment for our skaters, regardless of their background, location or national affiliation. We encourage our athletes to develop themselves as individuals, whilst making each other stronger mentally, physically and commercially so they can reach their full potential in skating and beyond.

We believe intrinsic motivation is the catalyst for our success on the ice and that winning comes from within. Using the latest technologies, training sessions are planned and biodata is monitored daily to ensure maximum performance for each individual: a performance training approach built for the now.

Our innovative, limitless and decentralised approach is what makes us proud to be Team Novus.

Being part of Team Novus means National and International exposure. Due to the diversity of our skaters, we have a lot of TV minutes during the season. Research shows that our skaters will be visible on the Dutch National TV for between 100 and 150 minutes.

On average, the viewing figures during (long track) competition weekends are above one million viewers per day.

In previous seasons as well as this season, our skaters received a lot of attention from the press worldwide. Ellia and Cornelius were even featured in the New York Times and Dutch, German, Austrian and Belgian media are writing about Team Novus.

On both the individual accounts of the athletes and the team accounts we reach tens of thousands of people through interactive content and behind-the-scenes footage. We create a real community feeling to increase engagement and generate extra views.

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