Team Novus represents an innovative perspective that extends beyond the ice rink. By facilitating a contemporary network for the generation Y & Z, we strive to contribute to the development of individuals and society.

It’s time to invite the next generation to the table!

At Team Novus, we live and breathe our values. Authenticity and innovation are at our core, and we celebrate diversity as the glue that unites us. Team Novus is more than a skating team, it symbolises a vision that unites individuals and empowers them collectively. Whether that be from different nationalities, sports or backgrounds, we believe that we can learn from each other to continue to push the boundaries.

The NXTwork offers the younger generation of our sponsors and partners as well as the Team Novus athletes to exchange thoughts, learn from each other and be inspired.

The NXTwork Experience

The Team Novus NXTwork is a dynamic and modern hub for Young Professionals who don’t just want to push boundaries but also want to contribute to society’s future. The focus? Addressing the challenges faced by their generation linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

What to expect

  • Expert Exchange: lively interviews with expert guests, sparking inspiration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Workshops: Engage in discussions and make invaluable connections while challenging the thought process.
  • Food, drinks and more!

The events will take place at different locations made available by our sponsors, partners, and investors, ensuring a diverse range of experiences. Plus, all members get an exclusive invite to a top skating competition in Thialf and gain access to special events in collaboration with the Team Novus Business Club.

Secure Your Spot

If you’re part of our Team Novus family as a partner, sponsor, or supporter, you can nominate up to five talented individuals from your company for NXTwork membership.

Not affiliated with Team Novus but interested in joining our innovative journey? Please feel free to contact us. There are several options to welcome you on board!

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