Training Camp in Monte Gordo: A Perfect Blend of Hard Work, Fun Team Bonding, and New Challenges

The team recently returned from a two-week training camp in Monte Gordo, Portugal, marking the first camp of the season. With all athletes present and a few new faces joining, we all look back on an extremely successful camp!

Team spirit!

The training camp brought together the entire team, including newest member Odin By Farstad, providing an opportunity for all athletes to train together, set new boundaries but also to bond as a team.

Daniel Greig was present during the first week, after which Michel Mulder took over in the second week. A great way to bring a new surge of energy and motivation to the team. Michel Butter and Thom Herzog joined the team for the whole duration of the camp.

Another new face also joined the team in the second week. Jurre Kok, specialised physiotherapist and former elite athlete flew in to ensure that everyone remained in top shape throughout the camp. The management team; Lieuwe and Jolanda also made a visit to Monte Gordo to check the progress and show their support! What a team!

Capturing Memorable Moments

While Thomas, the team’s equipment specialist, ensured everything was in order, he also took on the role of the team’s official content creator. Whether it was capturing great moments during bike rides or action shots during intense training sessions, he managed to capture the unforgettable moments throughout the training camp.

The Perfect Blend

The perfect blend of hard work, team bonding, and new challenges made it an extremely successful and fun camp. The athletes not only pushed themselves individually but also supported and motivated one another, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose. From weight sessions and jumps to time trials and inclines, every aspect of their performance was measured and analysed using data from CoPilot.


Following the training camp, the athletes have now spread out across the world to pursue their individual training. From Italy and Austria to The Netherlands and the UK, training sessions are planned. By using the latest technology and monitoring biodata daily, the coaches are able to ensure maximum performance for each individual.

The team’s recent training camp in Monte Gordo, Portugal, marked the beginning of an exciting new season. The collective efforts, hard work, and team bonding during the camp have laid a solid foundation for the months to come!

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