Serge Yoro

Serge Yoro is an up-and-coming speed skating talent and we're thrilled he joined Team Novus at the beginning of the 2024/2025 season.


Serge Yoro




500m, 1000m, 1500m

Date of birth


Serge started skating at just four years old because his mother wanted him to be able to skate on natural ice. He trained at Jaap Eden Ice Rink, which set the stage for his future success. His hard work paid off when he skated to third place in the 2022 Dutch Sprint Championships, where he impressively came first in the second 1000 meter race.

Serge looks up to Shani Davis, the first black speed skater to make a big impact internationally, and he admires Shani’s incredible technique, especially in the corners. He’s also motivated by his parents’ hard work and achievements.

Serge’s journey is all about dedication and inspiration, from his early days on the ice to competing at the national level. With his family’s support and his own determination, Serge is set to achieve even greater things, living out the values of hard work and resilience he learned growing up.

Definitely a name to keep an eye on this season!

Fun fact

I really wanted to be a gym teacher when I grew up

Favourite ice rink?

Jaap Eden Baan because it's my home rink

Most memorable skating moment

Winning the second 1.000 meter at the Sprint Nationals in 2022

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