Lieuwe Krol

Lieuwe is the son of two sports teachers, but until he became active at Team Novus, he never did anything professionally in the sports industry.


Lieuwe Krol




Team Director

In his younger years he practiced sports such as judo, volleyball and baseball. He later took up tennis and still enjoys it. After a career at major Dutch companies in banking and insurance, the temporary employment sector and the media, he started his own business more than 12 years ago. Lieuwe then worked as a consultant in marketing and media, organizational development, business development and in the culture and events sector. At Team Novus, he is director of the foundation and ultimately responsible for the organization, finances, and sponsorships.

Fun fact

Lieuwe has a son named Thomas. When skater Thomas Krol achieved his first successes, Lieuwe received countless messages from people congratulating him on his son’s achievements.

Favourite ice rink?

Thialf, because of the great atmosphere when there is a large crowd.

Most memorable skating moment

The three Elfstedentochten (Eleven City Tours) I've experienced live.

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