Ellia Smeding

One of Britains most talented ice skaters, Ellia Smeding has made a name for herself in the world of long track speed skating after competing at the 2022 Olympics. As the first female long track speed skater to represent Britain in 42 years, she has helped put the sport on the British map!


Ellia Smeding




500m, 1000m, 1500m

Date of birth


Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ellia moved to the Netherlands at the age of nine with her British mother, Dutch father and 2 sisters.

With many ice-skating fanatics in the family, Ellia was introduced to the sport at an early age, joining a local skating club when she was 9. She was never selected for any of the talent or development teams, missing many opportunities that would help her take her skating to the next level.

She began training with a personal trainer who specialized in long track speed skating and soon after was recognized by the long track division of British speed skating. This gave her access to better sports facilities and training.

Due to hard work and commitment, Ellia was invited to represent TeamGB at the 2017 Winter Universiade and also qualified for the World Cups, the European Sprint/Allround Championships and World Championships.

With no 400m ice rinks in the UK, long track speed skating is not a popular or well-recognised sport in the UK. To fund her Olympic dream she set up Brew’22 with boyfriend Cornelius Kersten.  They sourced their own high-quality beans and set up a web shop, selling the unique single-cup filters, bags of beans and specialty accessories in the hope that coffee lovers would find then, love their coffee and support their Olympic journey at the same time.

Due to everyone who followed their journey, bought their coffee and supported their dream, both athletes made their Olympic Debut on the ice of Beijing!

Ellia’s seasons with Team Novus has been an exceptional success. With multiple top ten World Cup finishes and a Bronze medal during the European Champions, Ellia’s determination, courage and trust in following her own path, is definitely paying off.

Fun fact

I love cars.

Favourite ice rink?

Calgary! Not only is it fast, I also love the feeling of the ice there. The city is great and the vibes are good :)

Most memorable skating moment

Competing at the Olympics in Beijing. It was such a dream come true to qualify in my favourite distances and stand at the start line at the biggest sport event.

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