Dione Voskamp

Dione Voskamp is a well-known sprinter in the skating sport and has been participating in World Cups for the last 3 years. She achieved a top 10 ranking at the European Championships and became world champion in the team sprint together with Jutta Leerdam and Femke Kok.


Dione Voskamp





Date of birth


Dione Voskamp was born on 9th January, 1997, in De Lier, the Netherlands. From a young age, she became familiar with the sport through her mum, who is also a speed skater. Her passion for the sport grew over the years, and she quickly showed her natural talent and hard work by winning local ice-skating competitions.

Voskamp made her debut in 2015 during the NK in the 500 meters where she finished 21st. In 2019 she made the bold decision to move to the skating capital Heerenveen to focus on her main focus: the 2022 Olympic Games. With just 0.16 seconds she placed 6th at the qualification tournament meaning she just missed out on an Olympic spot. By joining Team Novus, she is ready to embark on her journey to Milan 2026.

With one of the fastest 100 meters in the world, Dione is an ambassador and former winner of the Zilveren Bal. A title she hopes to keep for the coming season!

In addition to her passion for ice skating, Dione is also a talented graphic designer. She started her own graphic design company di-one in 2019, where she creates logos and designs for various clients. This has allowed her to combine her creativity with her love for ice skating and make a living doing what she loves.

Check out her designs here: https://di-one.nl

Fun fact

Dione is the Team’s sticker maker.

Favourite ice rink?

Calgary! When I was 14 I went there to watch my mum skate at the World Cup Masters. I also skated my fastest 500m there!

Most memorable skating moment

The first season I qualified for the World Cup!

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