Cornelius Kersten

Cornelius Kersten was born on 19th July, 1994, in Haarlem, the Netherlands to an English mother and Dutch father. From a young age, Cornelius had a passion for skating and tricks. At the age of four, he received a pair of inline skates, a helmet, and protection gear, which quickly became a constant companion.


Cornelius Kersten




1000m, 1500m

Date of birth


It was at the age of five when Cornelius first stepped onto the ice, joining his father and two brothers at the local ice rink. This was where he discovered his love for ice skating and joined the ice-skating club. Under the guidance of his coach, Cornelius honed his skills and quickly rose through the ranks of the junior skating circuit.

As Cornelius grew older, his talent and dedication to the sport earned him recognition and accolades. Despite his early success, Kersten faced a setback when he was unable to secure a place in the Dutch Juniors. However, he did not let this discourage him and instead took the bold decision to represent Great Britain, which allowed him to continue his skating career.

Since joining the British team in 2014, Kersten has made remarkable progress, establishing himself as one of the top skaters in the country. He has competed in several international events, including the World Cup, the European Championships, and the World Championships, and has delivered impressive performances, even though getting funding was hard.

To fund his Olympic dream he set up Brew’22 with girlfriend Ellia Smeding.  They sourced our own high-quality beans and set up a web shop, selling the unique single-cup filters, bags of beans and specialty accessories in the hope that coffee lovers would find then, love their coffee and support their Olympic journey at the same time.

Kersten’s hard work and dedication paid off, and in 2022 he was selected to represent Great Britain at the Beijing Winter Olympics. This was a historic moment for British speed skating, as it marked the first time in 30 years that a British skater had qualified for the Olympics. To top it off, he finished 9th in the 1.000m, just 0,3 seconds from a bronze medal! 

Kersten is set to take his career to the next level as an integral part of Team Novus!

Fun fact

I love cooking, will happily spend a day in the kitchen while listening to Adele.

Favourite ice rink?

Has to be Calgary! Fast ice, high level facilities around the rink, good vibes and it being an Olympic legacy venue makes it extra special.

Most memorable skating moment

The 2022 Olympics, hands down. The emotions of making it to the games, all of the years of hard work coming together.

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