Philip Due Schmidt

Philip Due Schmidt is a promising young Danish speed skater who was born in Copenhagen on February 10th, 1997. He has represented Denmark in international competitions since 2015, and has quickly made a name for himself as a skilled athlete in his sport.


Philip Due Schmidt




5000m, Mass Start, Marathon, Team Pursuit

Date of birth


Philip Due Schmidt was born in Copenhagen on 10th February 1997. His brother and father were inline skaters, and instead of joining the football team, Philip followed in their footsteps. At 13 he stepped on the ice after being inspired by his older brother in combination with an ISU development programme. Since that moment, he has been competing in international competitions ever since.

In 2012 he represented Denmark and carried the flag at the Youth Olympic Games. He came 14th in the 3.000m and 17th in the Mass Start.

Specialising in the Mass Start, Philip also competes in the Team Pursuit together with his brother. In the 2022/2023 season, they successfully qualified for the World Championships!

Fun fact

I have competed in Inline, Long Track, Marathon, Nature ice, short track and cycling races.

Favourite ice rink?

Innsbruck, because of the good memories from the youth Olympic Games.

Most memorable skating moment

Competing at the Youth Olympic Games.

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