Odin By Farstad

Odin By Farstad was born on December 1, 1997, in Trondheim, Norway, and has always been passionate about sports. As a sports enthusiast from an early age, he participated in track and field, football, and cross-country skiing. One year, due to poor snow conditions, his dad took him to an ice rink. After trying clap skates for the first time, he fell in love with the sport and continued pursuing it as he grew up!


Odin By Farstad




1000m, 1500m

Date of birth


Growing up participating in various sports, Odin first stepped onto the ice relatively late, at the age of 9, when poor snow conditions led him to try speed skating. For several years, he competed in speed skating races on Saturdays and cross-country skiing races on Sundays, showcasing his boundless energy and enthusiasm for sports.

Odin quickly rose to the top level in skating and relished traveling to Hamar and Inzell to compete against other international skaters and compare world rankings with his competitors. He appreciated that skating is such a measurable sport, allowing for constant progress tracking—an aspect he found incredibly exciting.

As a speed skater from Trondheim, where an outdoor track and challenging weather conditions prevailed, Odin frequently had to travel to Bjugn, Norway, about 100 km outside of Trondheim. With his father as a coach and his sister, Ane By Farstad, as a training partner, the family spent countless evenings traveling to and from training sessions. Speed skating became a lifestyle and a cherished family project!

Eventually, Odin outgrew Trondheim and its training facilities, moving to Hamar and later to Stavanger for better year-round skating conditions. He consistently participated in Norway’s national junior and senior teams and now eagerly seeks new challenges with Team Novus.

Already holding two championship medals from both World Championships and European Championships as part of the Norwegian Team Sprint group, Odin now aims for even greater personal achievements. Surrounded by a remarkable group of athletes, exceptional coaches, and a professional organization, he is both humble and hungry to accomplish big things with Team Novus in the coming years!

Fun fact

I love backcountry skiing and often spend my off-season exploring new peaks and skiing areas around the world!

Favourite ice rink?

Inzell, Germany. It brings back a lot of childhood memories when we used to go there for family vacations in the fall growing up. Also love the Bavarian atmosphere, the ice quality, and the sharp turns!

Most memorable skating moment

It has to be taking silver at the Team Sprint Event at the Europeans in Heerenveen in 2020. Big crowds, a tight and close race, and the feeling of achieving a big goal with other teammates!

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