Mathias Vosté

Mathias Vosté is a talented Belgian ice skater who has competed on both metal blades and wheels setting national records in several events.


Mathias Vosté




1000m, 1500m

Date of birth


Born on 20th May, 1994, in Brugge, Belgium, Vosté discovered his passion for skating at a young age. He began his competitive inline skating career in short track, making his debut in the World Cup in Dordrecht in February 2012.

At the world Inline Skating Championships in Ostend, Vosté won a silver medal in the juniors’ 500 meters going on to compete in many other international competitions.

As of the 2015/2016 season, Vosté shifted his focus to long track skating. He debuted in the World Cup in November 2015 in Calgary and initially wanted to compete in the mass start discipline. However, he managed to qualify for the Olympic sprint distances at the end of January 2018, which was a major achievement.

Vosté continued to improve his performances and set personal bests in several events, including the 1500 meters during the World Cup competition in Thialf in December 2018. He also set a national record in the 1000 meters during the World Championship distances in Inzell.

In the 2022/2023 season, Vosté made his transition to the international skating team Novus. This move provided Vosté with new opportunities to compete at the highest level and further develop as one of Belgium’s best skaters.

Fun fact

I only stepped on the ice rink 7 years ago.

Favourite ice rink?

Calgary and Salt Lake City because of the fast ice.

Most memorable skating moment

Competing at the Olympics in PyeongChang and Beijing.

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