Josie Hofmann

Josie Hofmann (born 10 December 1996 in Gera) has made a name for herself in both inline and long track speed skating.


Josie Hofmann




3000m, 5000m

Date of birth


Her passion for inline skating started in kindergarten. She was quickly unstoppable and her mother signed her up for children’s training at RSV Gera. That is where she skated her first laps on the inline track which soon increased to regular weekly training and her first medals.

Her hard work paid off and in 2016 she became world champion in the relay and in 2017, she won a bronze medal at the European Inline Skating Championships in the marathon event. One of her dreams, however, remained unfulfilled: skating at the Olympic Games. In order to be able to realize this dream, she decided to step onto ice in the winter of 2018!

In 2026 the Winter Olympics will take place in Italy and standing on the start line is Josie’s goal.

“The next four years will probably be the most important in my sporting career so far. My goal drives me every day. There are still many small hurdles to be overcome. But with every day that I put my focus on training, I make a small step forward.”

Fun fact

I study prevention and health management.

Favourite ice rink?

Berlin because it is my home rink.

Most memorable skating moment

Becoming world champion in the relay (inline skating).

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